• “Follow Me” Printing: Increases security, lowers cost

    You’ve seen it. You walk up to the printer, and there is a job sitting there in the output tray. Maybe three or four of them. Your job comes out, you pick up the stack, and go back to work. An hour later, you print another document, and while waiting for it to print, you […]

  • Large format printing is now affordable

    A few years ago, most offices were limited to about 8×10 as the maximum for printing photographs. Anything bigger than that required outsourcing the job to a professional print shop. A few offices might have access to a printer that could handle tabloid sized (11 inches by seventeen inches), but those were rare and their […]

  • Four Important Questions for your Service Provider

    You’ve done your research, and know what you want out of a copier or printer. Your needs assessment is complete, you’ve taken into consideration things like your network, expendables, and user requirements. Now it’s time to decide where to get that new piece of office equipment. Lots of places can sell you a new Kyocera […]

  • InkJet or Laser?

    We get asked all the time, “Paper or plastic? Wait, no — wrong blog. “Which is better, a laser printer or an ink jet printer?” The answer is: Yes. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages, so it all depends on what you want to print. And more importantly, what you print the most. First, let’s […]

  • Ameritel — official copier supplier for the Quicken Loans National

    Ameritel Corporation is proud to be a sponsor and the official copier and printer supplier for the Quicken Loans National. A Tiger Woods Foundation event, the Quicken Loans National is one of only five invitationals on the PGA Tour, and will feature professional golf’s most talented players. Ameritel is continuing our long tradition of being […]

  • What do your MFP, your computer, and your smart phone have in common?

    Once upon a time — let’s say, the year 2000 or so — electronic devices and office equipment did what they were designed to do, and little else. A mobile phone basically made and received phone calls; a TV received images; a copier burned images onto paper. Today, with microprocessors so cheap, devices everywhere are […]

  • Hard drive security on MFPs — what you need to know

    The modern, digital MFP is a marvel of technology. It combines the features of a scanner, printer, copier and even a fax machine. It can sort and collate, give you one-button scanning directly to your email, and handle straight up copying jobs — all at the same time. One of the ways this electronic miracle […]

  • The Myth of the “Inexpensive” Printer

    It’s time for a new printer for your small office. A quick look at the web sites for any of the big-box electronic retailers reveals a huge variety of choices, from major manufacturers. Often they are bundled together with copiers, scanners, and even fax machines. Sometimes the initial cost is ridiculously low — under $80, […]

  • Managed Print Services (MPS)

    Pretty much every business is looking for ways to reduce expenses, and improve productivity. What if one solution could do both? Managed Print Services can help! Garnter Research tells us that a typical office spends 1-3% of annual revenue on printing and other forms of document production, which might come as a surprise to you, […]

  • “It’s not like there’s some magic machine that makes identical copies of things.”

    “It’s not like there’s some magic machine that makes identical copies of things.” The line, delivered by “Mad Men’s” ad executive Don Draper, gets a chuckle out of us, viewing it as the 21st century technophiles that we are. Indeed, the episode takes place in March, 1960, coincidentally the same month that Xerox started shipping […]