• Large format printing is now affordable

    A few years ago, most offices were limited to about 8×10 as the maximum for printing photographs. Anything bigger than that required outsourcing the job to a professional print shop. A few offices might have access to a printer that could handle tabloid sized (11 inches by seventeen inches), but those were rare and their supplies were expensive.

    Today, large format printing — generally defined as a width of 24” or more — is quite affordable, with a variety of models that can match any requirements. All of these printers use some variation of ink jet, but with large reserve tanks that lower the cost of consumables. Depending on the model, some large format printers can go beyond photographic paper and print on vinyl, transparencies, or just about anything up to 59 mil thickness. Some models have twelve individual ink cartridges, ensuring an incredible, life-like, vibrant image.

    For example, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 prints an amazing 2400 x 1200 dpi at 44 inces wide. Yet the cost of this professional-grade printer is surprisingly low, and many businesses are discovering that outsourcing these kinds of jobs is not cost-effective.

    Ameritel can help you find the perfect match for your printing needs — no matter how wide the document is.

  • Four Important Questions for your Service Provider

    You’ve done your research, and know what you want out of a copier or printer. Your needs assessment is complete, you’ve taken into consideration things like your network, expendables, and user requirements. Now it’s time to decide where to get that new piece of office equipment.

    Lots of places can sell you a new Kyocera or Canon MFP. But what about service and support? Here is a list of questions you should ask:

    What kind of training do the techs receive?

    At Ameritel, our service technicians are factory trained. As an authorized Canon and Kyocera reseller, our techs have access to genuine parts and supplies. Our technicians spend weeks each year in training, usually directly from the manufacturer. Both our Rockville and Frederick facilities have achieved ATSP (Association of Technical Service Professionals) certification from Canon, and Ameritel recently was awarded quality service distinction from Kyocera.

    2 . Are your technicians company employees or freelancers?

    At Ameritel, our technicians are all full-time, salaried employees. They don’t receive commissions for parts, so they have no incentive to sell you stuff you don’t need. On average, Ameritel technicians have over fifteen years experience, and more than one has over thirty years of hands-on experience.

    3. Does your service department keep spares on hand , or do they have to order everything?

    Ameritel’s technicians travel with a vast majority of the parts needed for maintenance and repair. In addition to our two offices in Rockville and Frederick, we have parts depots scattered throughout the Washington DC metro area, where our technicians can quickly pick up a part while on remote service call.

    4. Do you offer phone support?

    In addition to our field technicians, Ameritel has full-time support professionals in our Rockville and Frederick offices. We can quickly diagnose issues over the phone, and are adept at helping customers resolve minor issues themselves.

    Conclusion : At Ameritel, we long ago dedicated our corporate culture to achieving an unparalleled level of customer service. So we’re happy to answer those four questions — or any others you might have when you’re ready to buy or lease a new copier or printer.