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Why Every Business Needs a Wide Format Printer

Thu Jul 13, 2023 | Ameritel Corporation

Large format printers are now more user-friendly for businesses than they once were in the past. Instead of managing the print in-house, teams were forced to outsource when they needed custom sized prints. Nowadays, technology has advanced enough that most businesses can accommodate a wide format printer in the workplace. Devices are sleeker and smaller in design, and optimized for speed.

There are countless reasons why teams would want a wide format printer in-house. Namely, the ability to print custom sized documents such as posters, billboards, banners, 3D model designs, and blueprints. When it comes to marketing and engineering there’s no denying that custom sized prints help get jobs done faster and strengthen relationships with clients. Still, despite the benefits there’s still a lot of misconceptions abound about wide format printers. We’re here to help dispel those and help you make a more informed decision.

Wide Format Printers Then Vs. Now

Printers before modern functions were implemented used to be a lot trickier to work with. Wide format printers were especially challenging, and they tended to cost businesses more than they were worth. The devices themselves were clunky and not easy to install. Trained technicians often had to come and set up the printer, and the device occupied a large portion of a business’s workspace. 

Piggy bank balancing against a stack of receipts - cost savings for businesses

Negative sentiments towards wide format printers only worsened when people realized how much they cost and how long it took for a single document to print. Previously, many wide format printers were called plotters and unlike modern printers, these machines used pens to draw out the image. While the end results were impressive, with quality resolution images being produced, they took longer than desired to finish a job and the cost was steep.

Luckily, these past concerns are no longer an issue. Modern wide format printers have been designed with speed and cost-savings in mind. 

Instead of using the pen method, modern printers have now updated their methods and come in inkjet or laser formats. They still print quality documents and images but are much faster at getting you a finished product. Newer wide format printers can also print on several different kinds of materials, making them even more useful for the likes of marketing teams and engineering firms.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wide Format Printer?

Now that they’re much more cost effective and user-friendly, businesses are installing wide format printers in their offices again. Outsourcing printing can be a huge pain for teams, especially those on tight schedules and who want to inspect the quality of the products themselves before the prints are finalized. Having a wide format printer in-house saves your team members from unnecessary stress and gives them the creative flexibility they want. So many doors begin to open up once you have these options. Most notably, if you’re a marketing firm, your team can begin to better strategize on future campaigns.

Wide format printer being used to make marketing materials

Eye-Catching Designs for Marketing Teams

Signs, posters, banners, and billboards can all be great forms of advertising. This is especially true when you combine your digital marketing efforts with your traditional marketing ones. Creating buzz about your company can be as simple as a cleverly designed ad. To help make sure your ads are always the best quality they can be, your company should invest in a wide format printer. 

With the right device, your team can boost brand awareness for your company by designing exciting and engaging campaigns. Your team will also have the option to print materials whenever they please, rather than waiting on an outsourced team and possibly missing out on prime marketing opportunities.

wide format printer being used by engineers to make 3D designs

Helping Engineers Meet Deadlines Faster

No one knows the menacing pressure of a deadline more than an engineer. Design projects are often given very strict schedules that can seem impossible to meet. Waiting on another company can be especially stressful for teams of engineers. Getting things like 3D model designs drawn up and printed out takes time. Working with an outsourced team can also mean delays in deadlines, setting your team back weeks or even months.

Instead of worrying that your project won’t be seen as a priority for another team, consider instead investing in a wide format printer. Your team will be able to make fast changes as needed to their designs and better meet deadlines as a result. They won’t have to stress over back-and-forth emailing or long wait times on phone calls.

Find the Right Wide Format Printer for Your Team

We at Ameritel can help you select the best wide format printer for your business. Our team of experts will closely examine your current workflows and print requirements to match you with the best available device. Don’t settle for postponed outsourced work. Get the prints you need when you need them with a wide format printer.

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