Managed Print Services

Many organizations outsource non-core aspects of their business to specialists, including payroll, web hosting, and advertising. In that a typical organization can spend 3% of annual revenue on document production, Ameritel’s Managed Print Services solution can offer increased profitability and productivity to many of our customers.In short, we offer a predictable expense by managing your print solutions. You can plan ahead, and focus investments on core areas, and not have to worry about unexpected printer and copier costs.

How can we do this? By leveraging our 30 years of experience in helping customers find the best solutions for their environment; analyzing your current print landscape; and creating a custom, managed print service for your organizaion.

Ameritel’s Managed Print Services Solution takes a multi-step approach to reducing your costs and improving your profitability. First we help you develop a print strategy, determining specifically how much your document production is affecting your bottom line. Next we examone the environmental approach to your current print processes. Are you spending too much on incompatible supplies? Then we examine the technology in use versus what is available: Are your printer and copiers matched to your businesses’ needs? Manufacturers are introducing new features every year, which can help streamline your operations, improving efficiency in every department that still uses paper documents, especially when your copiers are fully integrated into your IT environment.

If you’d like to find out more, please call us at (301) 251-0222 and ask for John Patch, our head of Managed Print Services. Or simply fill out the form on the left panel of this page, and ask for a free copy of our white paper, “Challenges, Opportunities, and Action: Start Managing your Print Environment.”

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