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Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion on Independence Day

Fri Jun 28, 2024 | Ameritel Corporation

As fireworks light up the sky this Independence Day, we at Ameritel Corporation are not just celebrating the birth of a nation but also the rich tapestry of cultures and stories that make up our company. Our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, not just as a corporate slogan but as a lived experience, is a source of pride for all of us. Our incredible employees embody it, and today, we spotlight one such employee whose journey from Bulgaria to becoming an integral part of our team is a testament to the power of opportunity and support in the workplace.


Meet Elena Saadi, our passionate and hardworking lease coordinator. With a contagious enthusiasm and an unwavering dedication to her role, Elena’s story is one of resilience, growth, and the invaluable contributions that diversity brings to our company.

We sat down with Elena to talk about her experience at Ameritel Corporation. Read on to find out what she had to say!


Can you share your background and journey before joining the company?

Elena’s journey began in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she experienced the fall of communism and the subsequent opening of borders at the age of 12. In 2004, she moved to the United States, working three jobs to support herself and her family back in Bulgaria. Her perseverance paid off when she sought an office position, and Ameritel Corporation was the first to give her a chance. Over the past nine years, the company has provided her with the opportunity to grow and develop her skills. Elena reflects on how Ameritel’s value of teamwork, extensive training, and supportive environment have been instrumental in her success.


How do you and your family typically celebrate Independence Day?

Elena and her family usually take a mini vacation with their two dogs to places like Rehoboth Beach, the Potomac River in Virginia, or Deep Creek Lake. They cherish these moments of relaxation and family time as they reflect on their freedoms and opportunities in the United States.


What initially attracted you to join this company?

Elena has been with us for nearly nine years. She was drawn to this company because we were open-minded about her background and eager to give her a chance to prove herself. She has grown from a receptionist to a leasing coordinator thanks to her professional and personal development investment. She particularly appreciates the family-oriented atmosphere, where employees from different cultural backgrounds work together harmoniously, sharing recipes and celebrating each other’s milestones.


How has your experience been working here, and in what ways has the company supported you?

Elena’s experience at Ameritel has been marked by continuous learning and unwavering support. Her supervisors and colleagues have always been patient and helpful, guiding her through various projects and including her in training programs, which helped her quickly hone new skills. The company has happily celebrated her milestones, such as becoming a US citizen, and supported her during personal emergencies. This supportive environment has not only allowed Elena to thrive but also reassured her of her value within the company.


How do you see the values of diversity and inclusion reflected in the company culture?

Ameritel Corporation employs people from various backgrounds and countries in almost every department. The company provides extensive training to ensure that all employees can succeed in their roles. This diversity brings different ideas, perspectives, and hard work, helping the company grow and innovate.



What advice would you give other employees on fostering an inclusive environment during company celebrations and beyond?

Elena emphasizes the importance of supporting coworkers during both good and challenging times. At Ameritel, everyone pitches in to help one another, creating a friendly, team-oriented environment. This culture of support and camaraderie is a key factor in fostering an inclusive environment during company celebrations and beyond.


How do you balance celebrating your cultural heritage with national holidays like Independence Day?

Elena values the opportunity to reflect on her journey and share her cultural heritage with colleagues and friends. She celebrates Bulgarian and American holidays, sharing traditional meals and stories with her coworkers, enriching the company’s cultural fabric. She continues celebrating Bulgarian traditions, such as Name Days, which honor significant historical figures with names like Elena and Constantine. These celebrations are filled with delicious food, drinks, and a sense of community.


In what ways do you feel that your unique background and experiences contribute to the company’s success?

Elena’s drive and hardworking nature, shaped by her background in Bulgaria, contribute significantly to the company’s success. She encourages teamwork and expresses her appreciation for the opportunities she has been given, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Her friends and neighbors often hear her proudly brag about Ameritel, knowing it’s a fantastic company that treats its employees well.


Do you want to share anything about your journey, experiences, or thoughts on diversity and inclusion?

Elena highlights the importance of giving people opportunities to prove themselves. Ameritel Corporation has allowed her and many others to grow professionally and personally. She feels accepted and has learned much about American culture and traditions, which has helped her adjust and adapt better. She treasures the support she receives from her colleagues and managers, who always have her back and ensure that every challenge is met together.

Elena’s journey is a shining example of how diversity enriches a workplace. Her story, filled with hard work, gratitude, and cultural pride, reminds us that when companies invest in their people, they create environments where everyone can thrive. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us also celebrate the diverse voices and experiences that make our company strong, innovative, and inclusive. Here’s to the power of diversity and the promise of many more stories like Elena’s at Ameritel Corporation. Happy Independence Day!



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